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Final Year Student

being final year student killing me out. Too busy. Memandangkan dah final year, so i decided stay at hostel la ou, ulang alik from house. bila ada kelas stay at hostel. Since hostel dah pindah and more lovely. Macam hotel ouh. Miahaha. And last not least, my final project title is Landscape Architecture website. what main criteria that i shud have? Online website with database Enviroment. And what you shud know? i Hate database much. ;D Blerh, what to say, every web shud have database, ya la kan, where we shud put data lah if takda database. i dont mind about the project, what i hate the most is Thesis. ): lack of idea. What so ever else, i just get myself busy on studying now. Yala kan, what shud i do kalau fail nanti, tak mau repeat-repeat ouh. Tak sabar mau habis. And paling penting, this friday night. imma going to KL, stay at my cuzzy Bintang's crib, and the next day, ouh lovely mommy is comingg. so sangat tidak sabar. i love this august much. :D

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