fellow rocker


We always used to talk real late after midnight,
Now the only thing we do on the phone is fight,
Is there a way to make this go away;
I don’t think that we’re gonna be okay

You were my hero and I was your sidekick,
Now you’re gonna be the tear that I cry when we split,
Baby I don’t think that I can do this;
It seems so wrong makin` up with only one kiss

Don’t think that I could ever be,
Able to stay with you now baby,
Cause in time i know that we’ll both see;
We’re not meant to be

Cause you’re the one who makes me cry,
You would never ever save me,
All your words are full of lies;
You’re not the one I wanna marry

Cause baby can’t you see,
We’re just a fantasy,
There’s nothing we can do;
We’re not the perfect two

I thought you were my prince and I was your princess,
Now that we’re here all of that is meaningless,
I think I was a fool for letting you fill the spaces;
Between my hands and my diary pages

You used to be the one that made me happy,
You used to tell me you were lucky to have me,
Now you’re as cold as the winter weather;
But I don’t care cause we’re no longer together

You know that I’ll never love you
Like the way I ever used to
But you know I will remember you

Now that I’m gone I smile
It took me quite awhile
To see we won’t walk the aisle

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