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oh father day

every day seem a father day to me. everyday treat your father as well as you can and make he feel like you appreciate him the most. because he deserve it. i really wish im at home right now celebrate with my superman. why i do called my dad superman? because he do take care of me since im a baby. when i grow up,when i was kid,and when im at my primary school,the only one who always take care of me the most is my dad. he cook for me,he comb my hair,he sent me to school,and for me so everything was my dad.

by then,he always being the tops of person i love the most. he teach me everything. about life,about faithful,about God,everything. he just my everything. seriously,EVERYTHING. i love he. really much

and one day, i hope my husband could do this too,to our child. and im willing to say to him,his baby said,"happy father day,papa"

p/s : god bless all dad in whole world. treat your dad special everyday. :)

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