fellow rocker

cigar and booze

have you ever bored until you cry yourself because you were really are? this was happened to me almost two week days. after all,i let myself pray and still,i cant sleep too. TOO many thing ruin on my brain head. somebody help me? maybe im just a more bored because i dont receive any sleep tight text? and i just hate this kind of probs. oh btw,i just recalled back to my past life,when i was a smoker,a drinker. and now,when im feel tension enough,i just thinking of some alcohol. see,how crazy am i right now? too much tension. smoke? i ever smoke last week for a half and i throw it,see seriously im tension enough. can i kill myself? blablabla. im would not. that the first time im smoking again after almost a few years. freak~ and now im just thinking about alcohol,ohh smirnoff,ohh black rose. i love this brand of alcohol. how i wish i at my home right now. because i can do everything out of control when im alone. everything~ but i dislike to going out with somebody. i just need a talk. oh no,i need alcohol i wanna kill the one i ever love before. before everything happened like this.

p/s : im not out of control for sure. :/

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