fellow rocker

the 1st day

Goodbye by lover. Goodbye my bestfriend. Goodbye my enemy. Goodbye my superhero.
you're the one for me. my lover,my hero,my bestfriend,my enemy. and one day i wish u will become my soulmate. For this 1st day,seriously i cant without you. waiting for you to come back with undying love. without texting,without calling,im dead. i miss you. please come back faster.

that why i hate when youre going far from me. really hate. cause i dont know what going on with you. no matter what,grab my love and take it with you. i love you.

your lastnight text make me feel great,make me feel guilty,make me feel im loved by someone,make me feel,yes u are for me. and yet,make me cried too.

thanks for loving me,and please come back soon. i miss you.
without your text,without your call,without your voice,im empty.

your girl,